May 18-21, 2017
SOHO, New York City
There's one thing you know for certain: You want to feel good.
When you look in the mirror. 
When you take a bite of food.
When you're out on a date.
And even when life gets messy.

Sometimes you daydream about being the woman 
who elegantly manages everything -- the good, the bad, the ugly.

Who somehow finds joy even though her heart's broken.
Who always finds the blessings in the painfully unexpected challenges.
And who looks at her body and is ok with its dimples and curves.

You want to be her, but no matter how many self-help books you read or meditations you try, something just isn’t clicking yet.

Everyday emotions, feelings, interactions, and upsets...
STILL knock you off your feet.

You wish you felt strong and graceful despite them.

Capable of handling life's ups and downs as a centered, strong, and soulful woman.
The Master Your Life Retreat was designed to guide you in becoming the kind of woman who can handle ANYTHING.
This special weekend will nourish your inner resilience, self-love, and unconditional appreciation for who you are, no matter how much you weigh, how many followers you have on Instagram, how much money you make, or whether or not you have a sexy partner to share life with.

During this luxurious weekend, you'll have the space and support to...

- Discover what's really keeping you stuck in a cycle of insecurity & doubt
- Find compassion for physical imperfections and inner criticisms
- Start building nurturing self-care practices into your daily life
- And feel beautiful and capable of anything RIGHT NOW

The Experience


Walking into a beautiful, bright New York City loft.

Welcomed by a collection of loving teachers, mentors, and gurus ready to support you, AND an amazing group of women ready to journey with you -- doing real inner work (and having fun!).

Nourishing, organic meals greet you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lovingly cooked by a private chef with ingredients that also happen to match the enegy and intention of each activity.

Daily workshops and ceremonies (led by Jamie and renowned wellness experts) guide you through self-care rituals, emotional breakthroughs, and energizing exercises.

And evenings open you up to unique NYC experiences and new friendships with the ladies on the retreat with you.

You'll feel hugged, loved, and accepted for who you are -- vulnerabilities, imperfections, and all -- and find a new sense of ease, confidence, and appreciation in yourself and your body.

The Schedule

THURSDAY | Arrival & Opening Ceremony
6 PM - Dinner

7 PM - Intention Setting Ritual

FRIDAY | Mental & Emotional Self-Care
8 AM - Breakfast

9 AM - Inner Critic Workshop
Jamie and Romy will help you get intimate with your inner critic, take back your power, and manage negative thoughts, beliefs, and trigger moments with more grace. You'll be led through exercises that help you release critical feelings and self-sabatoging beliefs about your body and yourself so that you can begin experiencing freedom now.

12 PM - Lunch

1 PM - Emotional Self-Care Workshop
Jamie and Jennifer will lead you through the process of softening into your very real emotions without fearing that you'll become more fragile or weak in the process. Learn how to access and relate to your emotions, as well as your inner resilience in a powerful way. Jennifer has been Jamie's coach for 2.5 years and has profoundly impacted her life by helping her bring self-care to new heights. 

3 PM - Free Time

6 PM - Dinner

7 PM - Evening Ceremony 

SATURDAY | Physical Self-Care
8 AM - Breakfast

9 AM - Body Image Workshop
Jamie and Simi will show you how to feel appreciation, confidence, and ease no matter what phase or shape your body is in. You'll walk away with strategies and practices to use in those vulnerable moments: when your favorite pair of jeans won't button up; when you see a photo of yourself that makes you cringe; or when you have to wear a bathing suit around your thinner friends.

12 PM - intenSati Workout
The ultimate self-love workout, intenSati combines breath work, cardio and strength exercises, spoken affirmations, and intention-setting to kick-start transformation from the inside-out. The results are self-awareness, self-regulation of negative emotions, improved self-confidence, self-reliance, and self-acceptance.

1:30 PM - Lunch

2:30 PM - Relationship with Food Workshop
Jamie and Simi have both felt completely out of control around food. Having gotten to the other side of "food craziness", they've coached thousands of women on how to get there too. During this workshop, they're going to teach you how to let go of a restrictive, obsessive relationship with food and develop one that feels free, easy, and like the ultimate form of self-care.

4:30 PM - Free Time

7:30 PM - "Intuitive" Dinner out in NYC!

SUNDAY | Closing & Departures
8 AM - Restorative Yoga

Enjoy an all-levels vinyasa flow yoga class with Francesca Cervero that will get you moving more slowly, breathing more deeply and ground you right in the center of yourself. The active practice will be followed by an extended restorative savasana that will include aromatherapy oils and mini-massages by yoga teacher and massage therapist Brandi Ryans.

10 AM - Brunch

11 AM - Closing Ceremony

The Experts

Beautifully gifted teachers, mentors, and coaches will open you up to a whole new world of self-awareness and self-care. Each one has had a powerful impact on Jamie, personally and professionally, and she is thrilled to have them all together, in one place, to inspire you too.
Jamie Mendell | Retreat Leader & Self-Care Coach
Jamie is a health & lifestyle coach who guides women through the powerful process of mastering their lives through one core element: taking exceptional care of their whole selves. She believes that through supreme self-care (mental, emotional, physical, and soulful), we're able to cultivate a life in which we feel resilient, powerful, and deeply joyful. She has helped thousands of other women do the same. And she couldn't be more excited to bring the Master Your Life Retreat to life!

"I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I committed to working with Jamie and this journey. I finally have come to truly love myself, and my relationship with food has shifted to one of love, enjoyment, and pleasure. I finally feel in control of my life."

- Niki Leffler

“Working with Jamie was the most valuable experience of my life and I consider it an irreplaceable gift to myself.”

- Melina Soroka
"Since working with Jamie, I feel like MYSELF again, which is probably the best thing I can say. I have a whole new perspective on getting in touch with my inner-self and I know myself better than I ever have. Jamie made my journey seem just as important to her as it was to me... working with her is up there with the best decisions of my life."
- Alison Braverman
Michelle Kabler | Natural Foods Chef & Food Coach

Michelle is on a mission to teach busy professional women that "healthy starts in the kitchen." After years of bingeing, dieting, and a stressful career, she embarked on a quest to heal her own health struggles. She started preparing her own meals and realized that batch cooking was the solution. Today, she supports women in making the same powerful lifestyle transformation.

Romy Rost | Mindset & Life Coach

Romy brings awareness to “old stories” that are holding you back from fully living your life by starting with one simple question: “what’s really true here?” Your mind is a powerful thing, and self-sabotaging thoughts can have a profound impact on who you become. Romy helps her clients understand their limiting beliefs, and take actions that align with their values and who they want to be.

Jennifer Racioppi | Astrologer & Coach

Jennifer Racioppi blends astrology, positive psychology, and women’s health practices to help women build a foundation of resilience, execute their potential, and stay faithful to their dreams. Working carefully at the intersection of evidence-based research and soul driven spirituality, she helps women create a life of profound professional meaning, vibrant health, and increased vitality.

Dyan Tsuimis | Meditation Guide & Fitness Expert

As the founder of GET FIERCE Training, a holistic company dedicated to helping people get their dream lives and bodies, Dyan has an incomparable depth of mindset and fitness knowledge. She blends her personal training background with meditation and sound bowl healing to connect people more deeply with their inner wisdom and self-love.

Simi Botic | Food & Body Image Expert

A corporate attorney-turned-health coach, Simi helps women nourish and nurture their bodies and lives so they can get un-stuck, ditch diets, and reconnect with their intuition. Her work has been featured on notable platforms like Refinery 29, MindBodyGreen, FabFitFun, The Ladies Coach, The Wellness Wonderland, Food Psych, Mind Body Musings, and more.

Patricia Moreno | Fitness Expert & Founder of intenSati

Patricia is a world-renowned mind-body expert with over 20 years of experience creating innovative workouts, instructor training proframs, coaching events, and more. Her mission is to lead people everywhere to practice self-love, body positivity, and gratitude. As a trailblazer in fitness, her work has impacted tens of thousands of lives worldwide.

Francesca Cervero | Yoga Teacher

Francesca has been a fulltime yoga teacher since 2005. Inspired by the years she spent as a dancer, a deep study of anatomy, and her love of Buddhist teachings, her style is simple, slow, and breath focused. She has built a thriving business teaching priate clients and mentoring toga teachers in the Science of The Private Lesson.

What People are Saying...
What's Included

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and beverages


4 Self-Care Workshops
1 Yoga Class
1 Fitness Class
Daily Ceremonies

Shhh, it's a surprise.

We'll tell you exactly what to bring!


When you register, we'll send you a beautiful guide to assist you in getting to NYC and finding the perfect place to stay. There are amazing AirBnB's and affordable hotels in the area. If you'd like to see our guide before registering, just email us. We are happy to help!

Flight & Accommodations
“The amount of life change that occurred while working with Jamie is nothing short of miraculous.”
-Lu Uhrich
"Through working with Jamie, I have learned so much about self-care, feelings, emotions, and just all areas of life. Jamie knows just what to say when you're having a problem you're working through. She is a wonderful coach. I could listen to her all the time!"
- Toni Hudson
“Working with Jamie helped me gain confidence and a ton of self worth. Because of that confidence, I followed up on an opportunity and was given a fantastic new job offer with a big jump in title and salary which is great for my family! ”
- Amy Batzmazian

Is The Master Your Life Retreat Right for You?
This New York City adventure is for women who want to...

- Understand and practice self-care on a deeper level

- Eat intuitively and appreciate their bodies every day

- Open up and reveal their challenges with body image and their inner critic

- Overcome long-standing insecurities and fears so that they can finally live with confidence

- Connect with like-minded women who share their similar desires and dreams

- Live with more ease, grace, and joy every single day

- Love being pampered by luxurious, heart-centered experiences
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please enter your name + email here:

When should I plan to arrive and leave by?
The first event is dinner on Thursday 5/18 at 6pm so you should plan to be here by then. The retreat will close on Sunday 5/21 by noon.  

What if I have dietary restrictions? 
As we get closer to the retreat date, we will be sending you a questionnaire to let us know of any dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. Our chef will absolutely accommodate! If you have more specific food questions, please email us at

What about accommodations? NYC is confusing! Where should I stay? 
Most of our activities will be located in the NoHo / SoHo area of downtown NYC, so it may be most convenient for you to find a hotel or AirBnb near that area. When you register, we'll send you our beautiful travel guide with our recommendations for travel + accommodations in NYC. Feel free to email us if you'd like our guide before registering or if you have any questions. We are happy to help! We will also have a FB group, so in the case that you want to room with another woman attending the retreat, we can help you organize that. 

How many women will be at the retreat? 
About 15 women.

Am I too old or too young?
My work has always attracted women of all ages. In some of my programs, we have women ranging from their 20s to their 60s -- anyone is welcome and will benefit! 

Is there a payment plan?
Yes, you can either pay in full for $1400 or do two monthly payments of $750 or three monthly payments of $550. 

I'm shy and nervous about coming alone and being with a group of women I don't know. Any advice? 
Most women (if not all) will be coming alone, so everyone will be open to meeting others. As an introvert, I can relate to fears about being in a big group, but I can assure you that we will do everything possible to make you comfortable. The women who have come to my events / programs in the past have always been blown away by the support and friendliness from the other women they have met. 

I've never been to NYC and I'm nervous about being alone in a new big city, finding a place to stay, and finding my way around. Any advice?
I know it can be intimidating to travel alone to a new city, but don't worry - we have your back! In addition to the travel + accomodations guide we created just for you, we are happy to help you find a place you're comfortable with and answer any questions you have about how to get around. I have intentionally designed the weekend to be extremely nurturing and nourishing within the upbeat, vibrant and fast pace of NYC. Anything we can help you with, just ask!

Additional Questions?
Email us at anytime.

A Note From Jamie

There is something truly magical that happens when women come together, in person, to share and connect. As women with a craving to grow and fully engage in our lives, these are the kind of experiences that truly nourish our souls. I am so excited to have created this space for you - a place for you to come to explore yourself, learn what exceptional self-care looks like for you, and to be surrounded by top notch support. Get ready for a fun and deeply nourishing weekend! I can't wait to be with you.